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Will the Lendu Men of CODECO and Biira CHINI YA KILIMA remain unpunished?

The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the basic law governing the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Constitution has been changed and/or replaced several times since its independence in 1960.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo is now under the regime of the constitution which was approved in a referendum by the Congolese people, and promulgated on February 18, 2006 by President Joseph Kabila. It is the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s sixth constitution since 1960.

This constitution has been violated a number of times, but the government of Dr. Congo and the international community chooses who to follow, arrest and bind on the rules while choosing whose offense/crime to ignore.

The Hema people are living in a threatened dangerous world, where there is no one to defend their rights, no body to stop anybody from killing them, raping their wizes and children, taking away their properties, burn their houses as we could see how free the Lendu men of CODECO and Biira CHINI YA KILIMA are, and no rule is behind them. The Dr. Congo has been very kind host for a lot of off-tuned individuals to a point that the government would decide to negotiate with terrorists, murderers, heartless killers, thieves, rapists, kidnappers all wrapped under the name of CODECO (Cooperative for the development of Congo).

On September 4th 2020, the Lendu men, terrorists of CODECO entered in Bunia under the mission of releasing their fellow killers who have been arrested for what they do for a living (Killing, raping, stealing and basically breaking all existing human rules). It was so unfortunate that they were successful with their mission of the day after intimidating the prison guards; they were given their people with a number of support such as food, money and transport back to the bush (To get more powerful, stable to kill more people, perhaps)

The government did nothing else other than supporting them, forgetting the refuges and that the real victims of their mess are still not taken care of. More than five thousand orphans living with neither shelter, nor support from the government, more than twenty thousand refugees who lost their properties because of what the Lendu militiamen of CODECO did. PEOPLE’S HEARTS ARE STILL BLEEDING AS A RESULT OF THEIR MESS.

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We aren’t simply writing, please read some of these constitution articles that have been violated by the Lendu militiamen of CODECO and Biira CHINI YA KILIMA (We have just quoted a few of those articles here)

On this photo above we could clearly see how the police in blue uniform is giving money to one of the CODECO rebels (To be equally distributed among themselves). This happened after being given enough food provision, a track to take them back to the bush.

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Article 12
All Congolese are equal before the law and have the right to equal protection by the law.

Article 13
No Congolese person may, in matters of education or access to public functions or any other
matter, be subject to any discriminatory measure, whether it results from a statute or from a
measure of the executive, on the ground of his/her religion, family origin, social condition,
residence, views or political convictions, or membership of a certain race, ethnicity, tribe,
cultural or linguistic minority.

Article 51
The State has the duty to ensure and promote the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of all ethnic groups of the country. It also ensures the protection and promotion of vulnerable groups and of all minorities. It ensures their development.

Article 52
All Congolese have the right to peace and security on the national as well as on the international level. No individual or group of individuals may use part of the national territory as a basis for subversive or terrorist activities against the Congolese State or any other State.

Article 60
The respect of human rights and fundamental liberties guaranteed by the Constitution is incumbent on the public authorities and all persons.

Article 61
In no case, not even when the state of siege or the state of emergency has been proclaimed in
accordance with Articles 87 and 88 of this Constitution, is a derogation admissible from the
following rights and fundamental principles:

– The right to life;
– The prohibition of torture and of cruel, inhumane or degrading punishment or treatment;
– The prohibition of slavery and servitude;
– The principle of legality of offenses and penalties;
– The right to defense and the right to a remedy;
– The prohibition of imprisonment for debt;
– The freedom of thought, of conscience and religion.

Article 182
The National Police is charged with public security, the security of persons and goods, the maintenance and restoration of public order as well as the special protection of the high authorities.

Article 187.

The Armed Forces consist of the land forces, air forces, naval forces and their assistance services. They have the mission to defend the integrity of the national territory and the borders. Under the conditions prescribed by law, they take part, in times of peace, in the economic, social and
cultural development as well as the protection of persons and their goods.

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How does the government of Dr.Congo tolerate such criminals who bereave its citizens on a daily basis? These people are unwanted seeds that need to be handled with a lot of military wisdom and should be brought to court and justice. They are not worth a negotiation or even support. They have killed hundreds of thousands, raped uncountable women and children, they burnt trucks, houses and stole people’s life investment, so they deserve to pay for it.. Did we say that????
OF COURSE A BIG YES: “THEY MUST PAY FOR THEIR MESS”. We do not want any distraction. If they need food or any form of support from the Dr.Congo government, they wouldn’t have to kill the HEMA PEOPLE in order to get it.
The Hema people have done nothing wrong, so JUSTICE MUST COME ABOUT. If the Congo Government doesn’t bring it, WE SHALL BRING IT OURSELVES. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO IS BEHIND ALL THIS.

Let’s repeat this last part in French:

Ils ont tué des centaines de milliers de personnes, violé d’innombrables femmes et enfants, brûlé des camions, maisons et ont pillé l’investissement de vie des gens, donc ils méritent de payer pour cela… Avons-nous dit cela ? ???
BIEN SÛR UN GRAND OUI : “ILS DOIVENT PAYER POUR LEUR GÂCHIS”. Nous ne voulons aucune distraction. S’ils ont besoin de nourriture ou de toute autre forme de soutien du gouvernement du Dr. Congo, ils n’auront pas à tuer les HEMA pour l’obtenir.
Le peuple Hema n’a rien fait de mal, alors la JUSTICE DOIT SE FAIRE.
Si le gouvernement congolais ne l’apporte pas, NOUS L’APPORTERONS NOUS-MÊMES. PEU IMPORTE QUI EST DERRIÈRE TOUT ÇA.

They did this and more than just this, but the Government of Dr.Congo has protected them from any condemnation of the law. After violating so many rules/articles both from the national and international level. WILL THEY STILL REMAIN UNPUNISHED?

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