Mr, Dr. Amooti Desiré Ivara The entire Hema community is mourning the death of its charismatic leader Desire Ivara who was living in North America with his family. Mr. Ivara was an exceptional leader, who lived selflessly for his community. Mr. Desiré Ivara was an exceptional leader who selflessly lived forContinue Reading

Painful announcement May your soul rest in Internal peace Maman AMOOTI-NEEMA NDORELIRE We shall forever remember you with your kind heart. HemaCommunity is in mouring With deep broken hearts, we would like to inform you of the abrupt journey of our lovely mother AMOOTI-NEEMA NDORELIRE who just left us earlyContinue Reading

  President Museveni on Monday ordered a two-week nationwide lockdown in a bid to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus. The President said that because some people had misused the earlier measures citing ‘indiscipline and inconsideration’, stringent measures had to be taken to prevent further spread of the virus.Continue Reading