Very sad and painful

Mr, Dr. Amooti Desiré Ivara

The entire Hema community is mourning the death of its charismatic leader Desire Ivara who was living in North America with his family. 
Mr. Ivara was an exceptional leader, who lived selflessly for his community.

Mr. Desiré Ivara was an exceptional leader who selflessly lived for his community (Hema Community).
He had a University lecturer holding a PHD in medicine with amazing academic and field potentials.
Dr. Desiré Ivara wrote a number useful academic and life changing papers. He was as well the chief articulator and mobilizer of the
Hema community across North America. Loosing him is such a big loss to the big family of the Hema community,
to the whole world of academicians and to people who got a chance to know him.

A great Iturian scholar, University Lecturer and much more than that, a changemaker and someone with a big heart for people regardless of their origine, Ethnic group or tribe.  We shall always remember him for his love, kindness and the big heart he had for our community and for all those who were fortunate enough to know him.  He was one of the most Unique leaders any community would admire and would wish to have. May God comfort us and give us more strength to endure this pain.


In the photos below, with a green arrow pointing down, there he is with his members (Team-mate) at the General Assembly of “Ente Canada”  on 6th October 2018.



Loosing a great leader full of vision is a lot  more painful than anything that could possibly happen to the community because it is a whole legacy gone without having a chance to grab it back.

Condolence to the Entire family, mainly his wife “Maman Amooti Ivara Furaha”, Children: ” Christian Ivara, Cécile Ivara, Jeanne Kugiza Ivara, Jérôme Ivara and Elliot Ivara”, Siblings, Relatives and everyone who had a chance to know him..  May God give us strength and courage to endure this deep pain and above all God is telling us that we are all visitors into this world. We have got to remember that we are here for a short time, but in Eternity we shall be alive.  Let’s build our relationship with God, do what he wants us to do,  find more time to seek him, and build a special connection with him.

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