What We Do

In Hemapress we do publish authentic news of facts happening around the world while focussing on what would concern or build our community and communities around us for a better informed generation of stable community of people. Here, we shall be promoting different companies by supplying them with quality advert platforms.

Info Pub

We shall be publishing World news, Sport related articles, Health, African tradition related articles, and any article that will align with our physical, spiritual, moral and intellectual growth.


We shall be implementing different projects which will challenge first our community (Hema) and the communities around us to equally contribute to the development of our country Dr. Congo.


We are going to be teaching different subjects which will allow our community members to develop in different angles of live. We shall be having adult education programs, Hema language and traditional music dance and drama, Hema courtesy, marriage and so many other traditional courses.

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Post anytime from anywhere around the world and get approved there and then. First hand information, we shall be providing you with information that has been received a lot near to the facts.

Multilingual & translatable

So far we have been able to implement a homepage which responds to different platforms and languages.. http://hemacommunity.org/
We believe this project is going to help us contributing to a strong unity, togetherness and true love as our creator in heavens recommends.


Nothing is more important to us than Love, Unity and Integrity. These three keys shall open for us doors which no man can shut. Let us get united, work together hand in hands and build our community for our children shall do better.

Authentic news

Whatever we shall be posting shall be verified and re-verified, read and proof-red to ensure that you get news which are authentic from the source one.

IT projects

With the help of out Project manager James Musemeza, we shall be building information systems, database softwares and platforms which will allow us to collect and publish information in the fastest possible way.


One of our visions is to see ourselves as a community, united for great development growth, strong mentally, intellectually and economically. Our main aim is to have a united community of people who have a strong desire to live like a family, share everything as one people without any doubt or fear of betrayal.

Publish to inspire

Use our platform to publish anything that inspires you. It is time to get up, let the world know that we exist and let the truth be told from all corners. Let us stop complaining, let’s get up and get to work. “Tu ache ziaka”.