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Just since 2008 up to now more than 5 million people have died in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. That makes it the second deadliest conflict worldwide since World War Two. Currently, in the Ituri Province of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, there is a genocide that is going on against the Hema community by the ethnic Lendu and Bira militias. The Hema people are being killed every day, including their cows, that they depend on to live. Their belongings are stolen or destroyed. Entire villages are violently taken by the Lendu and Millican tribal militias.

 The Congolese government and the United Nations mission in Congo has failed to stop the genocide and bring security and justice to the victims and to all Congolese citizens. For this reason, we are asking the US government to intervene diplomatically or in any way it can to stop the genocide and bring justice to the victims. Also, since the mission of the United Nations in Africa, and the mission of the United States in its dealings with Africa is to support the progress of key African states toward stability, citizen-responsive governance, and self-reliance.

As we all know from history: if all the world leaders would have spoken up, and taken appropriate action, not all 6 million Jews would have died. In Rwanda, where almost one million people died, if all leaders had stood up and spoken out and acted strongly and quickly enough in efforts to stop the genocide, so many lives could have been saved. Therefore, let’s not make that mistake again in Ituri. We are pleading to the United States government and all leaders in power who can do something about this gross inhumanity to act accordingly: to save lives! I must state: history will judge. We will appreciate every action the United States government will take to condemn and stop the genocide and work with the UN to bring justice to the victims.

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