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About us

We are the Hema people living in the Eastern Dr. Congo. Many books and researches about us prove that we have originated from one of the tribes that left Ethiopia with some other tribes in the East Africa such as Hima in Uganda, Tutsi(Rwanda), Hema of Burundi, Haya of Tanzania and a few more others. Well, this web site is operated under the auspices of “The Hema community leadership committee” (registered), to serve as the world’s gateway to the Hema community; and to highlight and to promote the cultural and humanitarian development projects of the community.
It is as well going to serve as the official website of the community after a number of agreements from both the community and its main leading association (ENTE).

You only love what you know

Know us

The Hema, or Hima or Huma, are a minority ethnic group with about 980,000 members located in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, in particular, Ituri Province, as well as parts of Uganda and Rwanda. The Hema are pastoralists, generous, nice looking, loving and peace seekers and generally great leaders. By the time the Belgian colonialists came to the Dr. Congo the Hema people had already established a stable administration structure within the community which made them in great favor (Not treated as inferior individuals).  We are not bragging or showing off, we are just talking about ourselves just like any person who is proud of his qualities could sit back and just appreciate his own looks and nature. Above all we thank God for having created us that way.

How do the Hema people look like?

My people, my culture, my community

Hema culture

We are very proud of who we are and what God has blessed us with. And we shall forever remain faithful to him, treasuring this gift. We are beautiful people both in and outside. We love each other so much that we even think that life cannot move on without talking to each other. We have been having issues to share our stories and life events because we did not have a platform of our own, as we all know facebook belongs to everyone, you can never own any of those platforms (The day they shutdown their server, your page is as well dead). We decided to have this as a prototype project which is going to serve us as a mean to promote our own culture.

Unity is a way to go

We are the ones to initiate and promote love and togetherness among our people before this generation comes to pass.. Anything after this shall not be under our control. Just imagine a world full of love and Unity . We cannot move even a single step forward minus accepting to love each other, get united and work together to support goals that build us, our community, communities around us and goals that build our country Dr. Congo.  May this message penetrate deep inside of you.

“Agahikaine nugo gata igufwa”

Hema proverb.