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Genocide of the Hema people by the Lendu IN ITURI / NORTHERN-EAST DR. CONGO

This page may contain disturbing images and stories. They are images of the innocent Hema people brutally murdered by the Lendu ethnic people in the Northern-East part of Dr. Congo. Please do not go to the bottom of this page if you aren't able to handle your emotions. The images cannot be unseen(You cannot reverse the action).


Before we could dig any deeper, we should first define what a genocide is in different ways, based on what different people define it.

According to wikipedia, Genocide is the intentional action to destroy a people usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group in whole or in part. A term coined by Raphael Lemkin in his 1944 book Axis Rule in Occupied Europe, the hybrid word “genocide” is a combination of the Greek word γένος (genos, “race, people”) and the Latin suffix -caedo (“act of killing”).

United Nations (UN) says Genocide is a crime on a different scale to all other crimes against humanity and implies an intention to completely exterminate the chosen group.

The United Nations Genocide Convention, which was established in 1948, defines genocide as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such” including the killing of its members, causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, deliberately imposing living conditions that seek to “bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”, preventing births, or forcibly transferring children out of the group to another group.

                                                                                                     This is not a Covid 19 report. These are coffins for the Hema fellows who have been killed by the Lendu people in the Dr. Congo.

Genocide against the Hema PEOPLE

What is currently happening in the Northern-East part of Dr. Congo is a typical genocide against the Hema ethnic group (Herders)

For a very long time the world decided to remain silent concerning the truth of facts happening to the Hema people in the Northern-East part of Congo. Whenever killings happen, the world reports that there is an Ethnic war between the Hema and Lendu people. Let’s have a simple example: “When enemies have taken away your cows and you want to get them back, do you negotiate and beg the enemies to bring them back?, How do you solve this without fighting?, Definitely after solving this, they will cry and report that you fought them and killed them, so they need to revenge. Thieves claiming to have the right to revenge for the stolen and redeemed properties”. That makes sense, right?

Well for a very long time, the Lendu people have been claiming that they are killing the Hema people because the Hemas stole their land since the Belgians and the government of the president Joseph Mobutu favored the Hema people and allowed them to take over the Lendu’s lands and properties. That is false and completely false.

What truly used to happen is what is currently happening in the Northern-East(They were brutally killing the Hema people). Whenever the Lendu people would kill, the Belgian’s and the Mobutu government would identify them based on their villages, identity the killers and then get them punished instantly, unlike the current governments. The Lendus wanted to be free to kill and steal whenever they want. They have been looking for a good reason for a while, until another white man who needs to exploit the Congo came on board. 

The Hema people have never taken any plot of land from the Lendu’s territory, not even a single village. In fact the Lendu people are the ones who took over the Hema’s villages after killing tens of thousands of Hema people. Let’s name some of those villages here: Nombe, Kyarukaka, Buguma, Hamanga, Lapka, Lagabo, Kalyabugongo, Nyamabi, Kondi, Kagoro, Bukelemu, Kanyamuranga, Kanyangabi, Chahi, Kikoga, Nyakeru and Koga in 1979 and Adha, Bunyagwa, Buguje, Kikoga, Kalyabugongo, Mitego, Nyamabi, Bogoro and a few more Hema villages in 1982. Currently, Of all the above mentioned known Hema Villages, only Nyamabi and Bogoro remains for the Hema people. They never grabbed those villages and land with negotiations. They killed, raped, burnt, walked away with cows and many other valuable properties. Just imagine, even after the Hema people decided to reconcile with them and left them with the land, they still want to kill, rape, burn houses and grab more Hema’s land ( As they did in 1979). If you need more proof on this, we dare you to click the button below. We have got enough evidence.

Our case definitely falls under the genocide description by United Nations genocide conventions which is referred to as “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such” including the killing of its members, causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, deliberately imposing living conditions that seek to “bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”, preventing births, or forcibly transferring children out of the group to another group. This is exactly what is happening to the Hema people in the Eastern part of Dr. Congo. The Hema people have been brutally murdered, tortured, kidnapped and raped for a very long time by the Lendu tribe milicias . And nobody choses to talk about it on a serious note. Neither the Dr. Congo government, nor the United Nations. No step has ever been taken to bring justice about, the whole world is quiet about this. Well we know how much resource the Eastern Congo has got, we as well know that there is power controlling and financing this genocide happening.. For God’s sake, the Hema people did nothing to deserve this kind of injustice and unfairness.

Just imagine so far we have recorded more than 20,000 brutally murdered Hema tribe people, more than 10,000 women raped (About 100/week), more than 25, 000 children living with no parents, more than 80,000 cows taken away by the Lendu milicias, more than 45 hema villages taken by the Lendu people, among which Nombe, Kyarukaka, Buguma, Hamanga, Lapka, Lagabo, Kalyabugongo, Nyamabi, Kondi, Kagoro, Bukelemu, Kanyamuranga, Kanyangabi, Chai, Kikoga, Nyakeru, Koga, Adha, Bunyagwa, Buguje, Kikoga, Kalyabugongo, Mitego, and more than 35 villages in the Northern East (Hema Nord side). The Lendu people managed to occupy these above mentioned villages after chopping people in pieces and causing serious trauma to the Hema people who occupied those villages so that none of the citizens would want to return.  All that, in the name of tribalism. Because they are the Hema people, they must to be brutally murdered, tortured, rapped, poor and homeless.

                                                              “Does that make sense?”


For the past years, no government has managed to bring justice and equality in the regions occupied by the Hema, Lendu and Biira. Genocide happening against the Hema people and all the United nations and media report is war between the Hema and Lendu. On this note, we would like to clarify this, there is no war between Lendu and Hema, there is Genocide happening against the Hema people.

We are sorry for this disturbing image. If it has disturbed you, please do not go to the bottom end of this page. 

hema people are being killed everyday

Nobody could imagine up to now,  the Lendu milicias are still murdering the Hema people and no Hema is fighting back yet because they want the Congo government to fight for them and bring justice about. When the Hema people decided to organize themselves to stop the ongoing crime  in 2003, it became an international concern, that Hemas have gotten weapons to kill the Lendu people.
Whenever we open what is being published to the world, it is easy to notice how much twits have been made to the information concerning this genocide. For a long time it has been published that there is a fight between two Ethnic groups which is causing civilian deaths, yet in actual sense  “THERE IS ONE GROUP OF ARMED PEOPLE (Lendu milicias) WHO ARE KILLING THE OTHER ONES WHO ARE CIVILIANS (Hema)”

The photo displaying below this paragraph is a clear photos of Lendu milicia proudly carrying guns ready to proceed with their mission of killing the Hema people, mainly exterminating Hema villages. These are the ones who are doing the massacre in Ndjugu (Northern-East Dr. Congo)

These are the Lendu militias who are enjoying the killing of Hema people without being judged.

Justice is all we need


The Hema people never decided to fight back or even stop it because they expect support, protection and justice from both the Dr. Congo government and the international community represented by the UN. The United Nations knows exactly what is happening to the Hema people, but the people in charge chose to publish manipulated information.  If people tried to put themselves in the Hema people’s shoes, an immediate solution would be found over a single day and get the criminals arrested, judged and bring justice and peace in the Northern-East part of Congo.


Why are the hema people being killed everyday?

We could clearly classify this genocide in two phases, before 2003 and after 2003. Because the war between the Hema people and Lendu people only happened in 2003 when the Hema people decided to fight against the genocide happening, then when the Dr. Congo government partnered with UNICEF, introduced CONADER (National Commission for Demobilization and Reintegration) to coordinates the disarmament process, the Hema people (UPC/RP) decided to lay down our arms, but the Lendu people never did for they knew their plan which was to resume the killings after having their enemies defenceless.  Mr. Thomas Lubanga Djilo was the president of UPC/RP (Union of Congolese Patriots for Reconciliation and Pacification). The main aim of this Political Party was to fight against the injustice, unfairness, crime, genocide and bring peace, love and Unity among the Congolese citizens. Mr. Thomas Lubanga clearly stated that what he started with UPC/RP never came to an end as he planned. The project has been interrupted by the white people who came through the United nations for not reporting authentic and honest news, France(Operation artemis).

Why didn’t France send its force when the killings were happening around 25th May, when the Lendu Ethnic people took a full control of Bunia town after the departure of the UPDF (Ugandan soldiers)?

 Probably, no one has come into a conclusion of this, except the deeply concerned ones. They only planned their Operation Artemis mission after the UPC/RP troop had already taken back in Bunia, and when the citizens were happy to have peace back where everyone was ready to freely move in town and have activities resumed. Infact the Lendu Killed a hundreds of people in Bunia when the When French army came to Bunia, they found the Bunia town peaceful because the UPC/RP soldiers had already chased the enemies of the Citizens (Lendu criminals). The French army took started their mission by taking over the southern part of Bunia  (A zone occupied by the Lendu Milicia who fled from Bunia town after killing thousands of people), then went to Bunia town to fight and chase the UPC/RP soldiers who brought back peace in town, unfortunately they supported the Lendu killers by bringing them back to town to do the second phase of massacre.

Basically France sent its troops to Bunia for reasons which was never justified, to the citizens of Bunia the French Army never brought peace in Ituri and they never stopped the Lendu from killing citizens of Ituri province. Open the video on the right hand side of this paragraph and watch it in the interval 0 :53-1:14.

The French Army supported the Lendu criminals to kill more Hema people. Astoundingly during their period in Bunia town, they picked a side instead of bridging the gap between the two communities and either reconcile them or chasing all of them, not supporting one side. They instead supported the criminals, the people who have been slaughtering people.  The French Army used to kidnap Hema community members, physically submit them to the Lendu militias known as their ennemies to be slaughtered.  One of the victims was Mr. Clement a father of 7 children who was living in Saio suburb, known as quartier Saio/ Avenue N’sele (Reported and narrated by one of the witnesses, survivor of the masacre in Bunia town). If you need more proof, contact us or go direct to Bunia/Quartier Saio/ Avenue N’sele then find any citizen who was an adult or teenager in 2003, they will tell you that the white men from France entered into that Muhema man, kidnapped him as he was crying and shouting, heartlessly took him to the Lendu criminals who were controlling “Dele” (Southern part of Bunia/Ituri province/ Eastern Dr.Congo).

We could deduce that what is currently happening in Ndjugu and elsewhere in Ituri  is a clear result of injustice and impunity. This impunity and injustice were clearly supported by the government of Joseph kabila and the United nations representing the International community.

 If you argue or need more details and proofs concerning this, we dare you to click the green button bellow. We have got enough evidence on each and everything written on this site.


We all know that the minerals and wealth of the Congo is the main reason why the Hema people are being killed every single day. A few questions for you:

1. Is it because the Hema people are so hard to be manipulated?
2. Is it because the Lendu people are poor and desperate for money that they are being used to cause insecurities as the Western world is extracting the Congo resources?

3. Is it because the Hema people have done something wrong?
4. Why are the Biira people now coming from nowhere to attack the Hemas?
5. Why is the Congolese government failing to secure the Hema people?
6. Why are the Hema people still loving and caring despite what is happening and said against them?
7. Why is the international community not supporting the Hema people, but chose to accept what is being said against them?
8. Why is this genocide against the Hema people not even published in international TV stations such as Aljazeera, CNN, BBC?

Please click the button below to give your answer

Justice is all we want

By publishing this, we do not mean to say or show that we are a weak community of people in any way. We just decided to remain silence and not fight back because we expect the government and the international community to bring justice before we could decide otherwise. For centuries, we have been provoked in the very same way a number of times but when we fight back the world doesn’t talk about the ones who began killing others. In 2003 the International criminal court (ICC) only condemned the innocent people who were stopping genocide from happening and left the causers of the problems untouched. As a result, see what is happening?

The Lendu people and Militias felt and still feel in the safe hands and happy after slaughtering people in Nyankunde, Komanda, Blukwa, Bukelemu, Koga, Kikoga,Kalyabugongo, Kanyangabi, Kagoro, Bunyagwa, Nyakeru, Nombe, Kyarukaka, Kondi, Kikoga, Kanyamuranga, Lapka, Lagabo, Nyamabi, Chai, Buguje, Ada, Buguma, Hamanga, Largu, Drodro, Bule, Mandro, Katoto, Bedu, Kombokabo, Kaya, Boga, Manze, Mitego, Bunia and a few more other Hema Villages, having no follow up and no condemnation at all except for Bogoro crime. If you have doubt, green light, go and research from the citizens of the above mentioned villages. They killed thousands of innocent people before 2003 and that was before Hema people  knew what fighting feels like. Mr. Thoma Lubanga Djilo was never a leader and he never got interest in politics at all, until his own village known as Bule was wiped away by the Lendu people and both the United Nations army and the government of Dr. Congo did nothing to the Killers. After all that, the ICC only followed someone who was accused of enrolling children in the military service forgetting the people who rapped, brutally murdered children, slaughtered and burnt their parents alive, and took every property and things they could possibly find.

Where is justice?


We did not mean to use this against anyone, all we want is justice, peace and love. None of these could ever happen when the people responsible of the genocide remain unpunished and Injudged.

The contents below the red zone may contain disturbing images. The are images you are about to view are the real photos of the innocent Hema people brutally murdered by the Lendu Ethnic militias and people. Please do not go to the bottom of this page if you aren’t able to handle your emotions. The images cannot be unseen (You cannot reverse the action). Thanks.

genocide images

It is very painful how those Lendu people could easily torture, brutally murder and destroy someone's body for no good reason. Just because they are Hema, they are nice looking and loving. Once more, do not scroll if your emotions are not good enough to handle the weight because you are just about to open disturbing images which could not be unseen (undo or reverse the event). If you cannot handle, please click the green button below to get you back to the main homepage.

The innocent Hema people


The photos below are just a few of the Hema people roughly murdered. In our community, they are Fathers, Mothers, Uncles, sons, daughters, Grand sons& daughters, Grand-fathers&Mothers of our Hema people, brutally murdered in the name of tribalism (Because they are the Hema people). We aren’t able to post 20,000 photos and more here, just know this is a typical genocide done against the Hema people in the Northern-East Dr. Congo. With broken hearts, we shall always remember these Hema community members murdered by the Lendu people in the Ituri province of Dr. Congo. God is with us, justice shall come about.

a little dark for a well known reason


These are just a few photos displayed here. There are tens of thousands in our folders which we have chosen to keep. This Lendu community has chosen to do this in the name of hatrade democracy and freedom.

The people who actively participated in this genocide are still alive, free and enjoying the debauchery. They are actually Djugu having fun, killing more innocent people.  They are the Lendu people who used to call themselves FRPI. From Lendu FPRI to Lendu CODECO. Here are just a few questions for you:

  1. Where is justice?
  2. Is anyone in the world allowed to do this in the name of democracy?
  3. Why is the world silent about this?
  4. Where is the International community?
  5. Where is the International Criminal court?
  6. Where is the United nations & justice?
  7. Where is the Human right?

Take a Closer Look

We apologize for any incovenience

We need justice

We aren’t using this against anyone, we just need justice. We need the criminals arrested and pay for what they have done.


If you think you will just kill innocent people like this, run away thinking that you are going to escape. You will not, you will never, not in this world. We are very sad, angry, heartbroken and ready to find any mean to bring justice.
 “We need the criminals arrested and pay for what they have done”


Is that fair?

These Hema community members have been killed  by the Lendu people just because they are the Hemas. Do you think that is fair?

Were they born to be killed by Lendu?, like antelope/ lions in the jungle?

Someone out there is free to kill without being followed up neither by the home country government nor by the International community. This is not a story that happened, it is what is currently happening in the Northern-East Dr. Congo.


What is this confusion of meats?
Well, they were people moving, eating, working just like us. They are the Hema community members who have been brutally killed and destroyed by the Lendu people under the name of democracy and freedom in the Northern-East Dr. Congo.

 “We need justice, the criminals arrested and pay for what they have done”


She is a Hema lady

Yes they have done this too, after raping her and making her go through deep and unbelievable moral torture. Her worst fear in life coming true. Her worse day on this world of humanity. The world is silent about all this and only crying when an epidemic has knocked on their gates.

No journalist and no TV station has ever reported about this.

He is a Hema Man

Once the Lendu people attack a Hema village or get a Muhema (Hema community member) or anyone who looks looks a Muhema, this is one of the things they do to them to make sure whoever sees it doesn’t think of returning to their village.

This one of the thousands of photos taken to basically show you what is truly happening. No Photoshop, no editing, not even color enhancing has been made to all of the photos posted on this page.

 “We need justice, the criminals arrested and pay for what they have done”


Human head flag

Once the Lendu people attack a Hema village or get a Muhema (Hema community member) or anyone who looks looks a Muhema, this is one of the things they do to them to make sure whoever sees it doesn’t think of returning to their village.

This one of the thousands of photos taken to basically show you what is truly happening. No Photoshop, no editing, not even color enhancing has been made to all of the photos posted on this page.

 “We need justice, the criminals arrested and pay for what they have done”


She has been killed just because she was a Muhema

The news reporters in the Northern-East Dr. Congo never publish authentic news. Always they do say that there is a war between Hema herders and Lendu farmers. does the victim on this photo look like a fighter?

Hema people are civilians, with no weapon and basically no gun. They are being killed and rapped every single day by the Lendu militias (Armed).
We shall never stop to publish the truth, no matter what it might cost us. We need the world do be aware of what is happening. Justice must come about and have the people who participated for this arrested.

The authors of the Genocide (Lendu people)

This photo is an image showing one of the Lendu militia teams who are actively doing what you have just seen on the above images. They clearly said that they will not stop killing people and right now the government of Dr. Congo is begging them to stop the genocide(It makes sense, right?).  No one, no community, no organization, no UN, no human right, not even the International community has taken a step to follow up on what these Lendu farmers are doing to humanity under the big name of freedom and democracy.

These Lendu’s action is wonderful, right? are they doing great job?, Should their sponsors add them more strength and power to kill more Hema people?

Well, if your answer is Yes, we hate the devil inside of you, and you shall be one of the people we shall look for in the process of finding solution to our problems lol. We are basically discouraging anyone out there in charge of supporting these fellows and stealing minerals in the Dr. Congo in echange of food (Taking advantage of small brained Lendu people). We shall follow up to the depth of the sea to get the main support source of this genocide.

We have been massacred by these fellows for about three generations now.
We aren’t fighting back because we need justice and justice doesn’t come by force as long as one has the right to claim it. We only fought back to prevent a full extermination of the Tribe in 2003 and the whole world came to fight us, including France. Right now, they are all silent as if nothing is happening, as if the Hema people aren’t part of Humanity.

Read these articles in Dr. Congo's constitution


Article 12
All Congolese are equal before the law and have the right to equal protection by the law.

Article 13
No Congolese person may, in matters of education or access to public functions or any other
matter, be subject to any discriminatory measure, whether it results from a statute or from a
measure of the executive, on the ground of his/her religion, family origin, social condition,
residence, views or political convictions, or membership of a certain race, ethnicity, tribe,
cultural or linguistic minority.

Article 51
The State has the duty to ensure and promote the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of all ethnic groups of the country. It also ensures the protection and promotion of vulnerable groups and of all minorities. It ensures their development.

Article 52
All Congolese have the right to peace and security on the national as well as on the international level. No individual or group of individuals may use part of the national territory as a basis for subversive or terrorist activities against the Congolese State or any other State.

Article 60
The respect of human rights and fundamental liberties guaranteed by the Constitution is incumbent on the public authorities and all persons.

Article 61
In no case, not even when the state of siege or the state of emergency has been proclaimed in
accordance with Articles 87 and 88 of this Constitution, is a derogation admissible from the
following rights and fundamental principles:

– The right to life;
– The prohibition of torture and of cruel, inhumane or degrading punishment or treatment;
– The prohibition of slavery and servitude;
– The principle of legality of offenses and penalties;
– The right to defense and the right to a remedy;
– The prohibition of imprisonment for debt;
– The freedom of thought, of conscience and religion.

Article 182
The National Police is charged with public security, the security of persons and goods, the maintenance and restoration of public order as well as the special protection of the high authorities.

Article 187.

The Armed Forces consist of the land forces, air forces, naval forces and their assistance services. They have the mission to defend the integrity of the national territory and the borders. Under the conditions prescribed by law, they take part, in times of peace, in the economic, social and
cultural development as well as the protection of persons and their goods.

In the national level, there are still many more articles in our Dr. Congo’s constitution which have been violated by those Lendu people, but they are not being Sued yet, the government is instead asking for a negotiation with them. Just a question for you, How do you negotiate with the criminals, murderers, the real violators of the national and international laws and major rules of humanity? 

We do not see this genocide ending if the international community and the International criminal court doesn’t put hands in and bring justice.


Every act must be paid for

Justice is needed, the Hema people needs it. For God’s people’s sake, they are the civilian having a full right to be protected both by the government of their country Dr. Congo and the international community. They aren’t asking for money from the world or any form of financial support. They need justice, peace and love back in their lands. And that can never happen minus arresting the criminals and bring egalitarianism.

Please read this statement

If someone can do all this in the name of freedom and democracy and gets supported while others are mourning everyday, then there is no Justice in the world. Hundreds of Hema people are being killed every single week, their women are being raped every single day, children are being abused and murdered everyday and their cows are being taken away on a regular basis. They are patiently waiting for the world to do something and bring justice. Who is allowed to kill for fun or taking away properties after killing because they can’t afford the cost of life? …

Well it is happening in the Northern-East Dr. Congo, but the United Nations and the people in charge of reporting to the world never report the truth about it.

If the United nations, the Dr. Congo government, Human right, International community and the International criminal court altogether does nothing about all this happening to the Hema people, then it is a clear indication that they are no longer able to fight for the right of humanity, so the Hema people would have to find a clear solution to the problems concerning them (Genocide). In this case, let neither the International community or International criminal court gets involved in the conflict between the Hema and Lendu. The Hema people aren’t fighting back because they are waiting for the International community, Human right, International criminal court to bring justice to solve all this mess. Whoever reading this should pass it and inform everyone until the concerned people get this message as clear as it is. We are not a weak community of people, we are capable of organizing ourselves and stop this genocide, but it will make us violate rules and compromise to the constitution (We are not allowed to own guns).  We can’t do it because we know the laws governing the humanity.

 “We need justice to come about and the people participating in this genocide arrested”