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Does the CODECO militia's military strategy transcend that of the dr. congo government securitY services, or is it more of a complicity?


Is the government working hand in hands with the CODECO? “That’s a black topic”.. We aren’t touching it here.


This time the result of negotiation didn’t take long to explode and expose. Yes, when you negotiate with criminals who deserved punishment, they will take advantage of you and take you for a first degree fool.

The CODECO Militiamen of the Ezekere site would have been accompanied by our security services for their strategic incursion into the town of Bunia. Since 6:00 am on Friday, September 4, 2020, the town of Bunia awoke under tension following the presence of CODECO men who surrounded the central prison of Bunia. With three banners in their hands, they demand the release of their members detained in the central prison and their care. It is very surprising that the government security services can be deceived by the strategy of the militia who have come from the bush and yet they do not control the town of Bunia.

The investigations suggest that our services are either complicit or notoriously incapable of helping the Iturian population. The cross-checked information indicates that the specialized services would have alerted the army and the police who have proven their profligacy and incompetence which would be a big betrayal. This is a serious act of sabotage against our security services who have been tricked by the attackers.
Who do these services work for?
Heavily armed and others with knives, they move freely around the city with no worries.
It is very unfortunate that our army, through its general in the operational sector of ituri, is negotiating with the militia who do not give it a chance to listen. They are reinforcing themselves further without being worried about it. The delegation sent by the Head of State to negotiate with them would also be on the ground, but it is questionable whether this is the result of their negotiation. Paralysis of activities imposed by this militia, something that continues to make life difficult for the population. The majority believe that it is the communication of the head of MONUSCO that is at the root of this scandal.

The head of state has long been distracted by unfounded messages. His personal involvement becomes more than necessary.  The city is taken hostage without sound of arms, by a strategy of clever militiamen who have managed to deceive the vigilance of our security services. This is really strange and crazy. It happens nowhere else in the world, but except Congo. The population must be vigilant to take care of themselves while the Army is planning to negotiate with the criminals. May be the government is planning to give them again money so they don’t kill people.

Edited from the perspectives of Christian Shauri (Political Activist)