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From Lendu FRPI to Lendu Codeco then to Biira Chini ya kilima, all these groups of criminals against only one tribe of civilian, herders known as Hema people. A failure to bring about justice over this mess will surely take it to the next level which will inspire the Hema people to seek and claim justice using a self defence method to make sure their tribe doesn’t get wiped away from the face of this earth.

From the time the whole massacres started, the Hema people have been the main and the only target and are still the main victims. What is the Dr. Congo government doing about all this mess? Does the international community know about this ongoing genocide?

Men, Women and Children are being killed every single day, this time around, there are two main tribes, LENDU and BIIRA working under the manipulation of selfish politicians and the ennemies of peace in the Dr.congo to wipe away the Hema Ethnic group. These two tribes are allowing themselves to Kill and destroy one the Hema people with the aim of  wiping them away. Their main target is to get rid of the Hema tribe and make sure thie tribe does not exist anymore.

We aren’t fighting because we are expecting the government of Dr. Congo and the International community to play their parts.

“We shall never allow this to happen”, we have been killed for years now. Hundreds of thousand Hema people have lost their lives from this among which tens of thousand children and thousands of women. No TV station, No journalist and no media company ever talked about this. 

If somebody wants land which they already have stolen from us or if they need Gold, Diamond and other minerals ..there is a procedure to follow in order to claim properties, we aren’t in a stone age. There is a constitution which every citizen must follow to ensure there is a balance between people’s rights. There are articles which regulates the land conflicts and every single possibility of social misunderstanding.

If the government of Dr. Congo and the International community does nothing about this genocide, we aren’t going to mention the name of what might happen or what we might do in the next step. We were not meant to live, work, save, organize our lives and at last get murdered like insects that aren’t able to defend themselves and claim their rights. This is one of the last warnings that we are publishing. We have the right to live just like any citizen in the Dr. Congo, we have the right of protection from the Government, and under the international law we have the right to defend our selves if the government is unable to protect us. One more thing they’ve got to know, guess what?

                               “OUR PATIENCE HAS COME TO AN END”

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The genocide is happening against the Hema people. The main Actors are the Lendu farmers, Biira and the people supporting them to do the killings.

Hema is a pastoral ethnic group with approximately 380,000 members located in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, particularly in Ituri province.

The LENDU are part of the Sudanic people cluster within the Sub-Saharan African affinity bloc. Globally, this group totals 1,411,500 in 2 countries. Their primary language is Lendu.

The Biira are Bantu farmers living in the Northern-East Dr. Congo. Their lives and activities are focused mainly on growing plants and cultivating.

The people sponsoring the Lendu and Biira farmers are playing an intelligent game behind the curtain. For now, let’s focus on the ones being used. We need them arrested, taken to the International Criminal Court and make them pay for every single offense they committed against the Humanity and mainly against the Hema people. 

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